City Wide Universal Healthcare

Following the models of Healthy San Francisco and NYC Health + Hospitals, we will work to establish a universal healthcare program to ensure that all residents are able to receive free at the point of service healthcare without relying on employer-sponsored plans or private insurance.

A True Living Wage

A true living wage would be adjusted automatically based on cost of healthcare, housing, food, transportation, and inflation.  One should not need to struggle while making minimum wage and citizens should not have to constantly organize simply to maintain wages above the cost of living.  We need to pass a minimum wage which ensures all workers are being paid fairly and are able to maintain a comfortable life in the city in which they live and work.

I support worker's rights to unionize and to strike and hold management accountable for union busting efforts.

Climate - An Evergreen Future

... Climate change is the most significant challenge facing every single person on the planet and Seattle has to take serious steps to prepare for what's coming ...

Democratic Voting

Seattle has passed RCV voting, yet it's not currently implemented.  I propose to move the implementation of RCV up the schedule so that it's being used by 2025.  The Seattle City Council needs to do voter education on Ranked Choice Voting so that the citizens feel empowered and educated regarding their choices.  Seattle can set the example for the State going forward by encouraging use of RCV during our State-wide general elections.

Right to Shelter

We need to address the housing crisis by first ensuring that high quality public housing is guaranteed to all who would prefer not to live in market-rate housing. Developments should be mixed-income.

To further increase housing supply we must end exclusive single-family zoning within Seattle so that higher density residential buildings can be developed in Seattle's residential neighborhoods. 

We must diversify the housing options available through the development of alternative models like housing cooperatives and social housing.

Educate our Children

Seattle public schools are in crisis with educators severely overworked and underpaid.  We must establish universal funding for public schools that does not rely exclusively on property taxes which exacerbates the problem of inequality in our city.  Free school breakfast and lunch for all students in every SPS school is a must.  Many students face food insecurity in their home and school meal programs are vital for their wellbeing.