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Margaret Elisabeth for Seattle City Council


My name is Margaret Elisabeth and I'm running for Seattle City Council in Disctrict 2 because we have very little time to prepare Seattle for the increasing effects of climate catastrophe. Seattle must meet it's carbon neutral goal by 2030 and I'll work to ensure that happens. 

Based on the models of Healthy San Fransisco and Health+Hospitals NYE. We all benefit from a healthier community. Seattle should enact Universal City-wide Single Payer Healthcare at point-of-service for every resident of Seattle. 

People should not have to constantly organize to live a comfortable life in the city in which they work. We need to have a Real Living Wage of $25/hr which is tied to the cost of food, transportation, housing, healthcare and inflation

We need to address the severe education disparities in our city which arise due to school funding being tied to property taxes.  We need to equalize funding across the city so that each child has a good education and we need to provide free school breakfast and lunches since this is the primary source of nutrition for many working-poor single familes which disporportionally impacts women of color in our city.


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