Margaret Elisabeth for Seattle City Council


Margaret Elisabeth for Seattle City CouncilI was born in Knoxville, TN and was put up for adoption when I was 2. I was adopted by a couple who worked for Esso (Exxon) and we moved to Libya when I was 6. I was raised there until I moved back to the United States during the summer I turned 16. I am grateful for that experience in more ways than I can possibly count.

I grew up without access to television, print media or radio, with only the school library available as any form of diversion and I ended up reading every book in the library - twice. After reading an encyclopedia entry about telescopes, I took apart a microscope and built my own so I could look at the moon and stars for myself. Because of that experience growing up I highly value science and the scientific method for acquiring useful knowledge about our world and the universe we find ourselves drifting through.

I've been involved in Green activism for the last 25 years with a specific focus upon "Leave-No-Trace" music and art festivals, non-monetary barter-based economies, and community wellness services.  My friends and I created an event called 'Playa del Fuego' in 1998 and it's been going ever since. I have voted Green ever since Ralph Nader ran in 2000 and I formally joined the National Party in 2016 to help run the 'Washington State for Jill Stein' and 'Jill Stein Dank Meme Stash' pages on Facebook.

I've been honored and grateful to receive the support and trust of my peers in the National Green Party, first in the National Lavender Green Caucus (LGBTQIA+), initially representing the Caucus as a National Delegate and currently as a Co-Chair and Media Spokesperson.  Subsequent to this election, I stood for the Co-Chair of the Steering Committee for the Green Party of the United States - winning that election.  I've recently been reelected to that position and look forward to the challenges facing the Party. Additionally, I'm the current Chair of the Green Party of Washington and a member of the Green Party of Seattle.

I believe that the Green Party of the United States is the best chance we have of making real, substantial change in the United States and I'm proud to be a part of it.

I want to be the first transgender candidate elected to Seattle City Council to help secure an Evergreen future for us all.