Seattle has a goal of being carbon neutral by 2030 and we're nowhere near meeting that goal.  Climate change is the most significant challenge facing every single person on the planet and Seattle has to take serious steps to prepare for what's coming:

  1. Climate Refugees - Seattle is widely viewed as a "safe" climate destination and we need to be prepared for the influx of people coming
  2. Sea Level Rise - Seattle previously predicted a +6" - +54" rise.  A +12" rise will change the frequency of "Once-In-A-Hundred-Year" flooding to every 18 years, a +24" rise will increase the rate to annually.  Seattle has to prepare to ensure our City has an Evergreen future.
  3. Fossil Fuel Extration - Seattle must recognize the increasing cost of fossil fuel extraction and enact steps to disinvest in companies and fiancial instutions which fund these projects.
  4. 60% of the carbon emissions come from transportation autos - Seattle must work to offset this by increasing investment in public transportation, safe biking lanes and innovative solutions like a carbon tax on vehicles using our streets.